About Us

Welcome to Rent Your Nursery!

Our goal is to make the best baby products accessible to all parents.

We’re parents, just like you, who wanted access to the best baby products available. When we became parents, we didn’t have an unlimited budget or storage. We were overwhelmed with all the instagram reviews, blogs, facebook mom groups, and registry items. We wanted the tools to help our baby, with minimal stress, waste, and financial burden. That’s why we came up with Rent Your Nursery.

Whether it is an accessory your baby will only use as a newborn or a stroller you want to try before investing in; rent products from a few months to a few years. We’ll ship you a clean, ready to use product, complete with care instructions and a return address label. When your rental is up, ship it back and make room for the next phase of your babies’ life! Welcome to Rent Your Nursery!

Feel free to contact us with any question, product ideas, or rental inquiries at kylie@rentyournursery.shop.